Dry Rot Repair

Dry rot (also known as brown rot) is one of the most damaging forces on household wood in the world. Approximately 20 billion board feet of timber are destroyed by wood rot in the United States each year– far more destroyed wood than is damaged annually by fire! Replacement wood used to repair damage caused by wood rot accounts for almost 10 percent of the annual wood production in the U.S. alone.

Walnut Creek Construction has a long history of experience in eliminating, preventing, and controlling dry rot in homes throughout San Francisco Bay Area

Steps taken by us to Repair Dry Rot issues


  1. Remove Damaged Wood: All wood that shows decay or visible fungus should be removed, as well as all wood within one meter of the visible decayed material.
  2. Remove Materials Near Damage: Plaster, paneling, linings, and ceilings around the dry rot areas can also contribute to the damage and should also be removed.
  3. Wire brush Affected Area: Using a wire brush, loose material is removed from all surfaces within 1.5 meters of the furthest edge of the infestation, including metal, masonry, and pipes. Resulting dust and debris is removed as well.
  4. Disinfect area: A disinfectant is applied to all wood, masonry, and exposed soil in within 1.5 meters from the damage.
  5. Rebuild: Substantially rot-damaged beams, joists, and posts are replaced with pressure-treated wood.



Some Examples: (click to enlarge)

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